About Us

Shaun Benson is a resident of the Moncton area…

and the owner of Maritime Stone & Decor. Rather than following the traditional progression path of a business flowing from the concept stage to reality, Shaun’s business evolved into what it is today almost by accident. His passion for meeting new people, building trusted relationships, and partnering with reputable manufacturers was the foundation for which Maritime Stone & Decor was created.

Like most of us, Shaun spent the majority of his working life at a job that he really didn’t enjoy, but of course the bills had to be paid. When the opportunity arose several years ago to dabble in the building materials sector on a part-time basis, Shaun jumped at the chance to expand his skill set and meet new people. As it turned out, he quickly discovered how satisfying ‘work’ could be when you truly enjoy what you do every day.

After having built an international network of partners, Shaun was approached by Mathios Stone, a family-owned business based just outside of Athens, Greece. Steeped in tradition with over 130 years in operation, the Mathios family wanted him to introduce their products to Canada. Shaun accepted the challenge and later decided that a showroom was necessary to properly showcase our products.

During this phase of expansion, Maritime Stone & Decor was born and branded. As our relationships with local contractors and homeowners started to rapidly increase, Shaun perceived a need for more of a ‘one stop shop’ and sought out other trusted manufacturing partners. That led to the addition of items such as siding, premium flooring, doors, windows, and more that we are now able to offer our clients. We have secured exceptional pricing with these valued partners and pass those savings on to our customers. Our mission at Maritime Stone & Decor is to provide a genuine personable experience to each and every one of our clients, while saving them money on quality materials. We are grateful for the opportunity to earn your business whether you are a large commercial contractor erecting a multi-unit building or a homeowner seeking advice on your bathroom flooring. Our values are centered around trust and integrity, and we are proud to be part of the community, building our reputation one relationship at a time. Want to reach out and experience the difference we offer? Click below on the contact us button and leave us a quick note. We would love to chat about how we can help with your project! CONTACT US